My Services

Salmon Arm Auto & Truck provides full automotive service, diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance. We work on all makes and models with my specialty being diesel trucks. We also work on motorhomes, trailers, and trailer hitches. We supply only high quality parts at competitive prices and offer one year warranty on most parts and labour.


Diagnostics is the first step in automotive service. Diagnosing the problem correctly can save you hundreds of dollars of unneeded repairs. Do you know that modern automobiles can have in excess of thirty on board computers controlling everything from your engine to your power windows? Salmon Arm Auto & Truck has the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly be able to find the root cause of your problems.


Cost of repairs can vary depending on your vehicle's needs. After a diagnostic examination of your vehicle, an estimate will be made that includes the cost of both part and labour time needed for the repair. No work will be performed until authorization is given for repairs. I strongly believe that the final bill should accurately match the estimate that was agreed upon without surprises.


Regular maintenance is very important for both the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. Premature failure of mechanical components is often due to lack of lubrication. We have the knowledge and tools to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. We recommend following the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for the best care of your vehicle. See pricing for basic maintenance Items.

Did you know you have up to 11 different fluids in your vehicle? If any of those fluids get low, your vehicle could lose some major functionality such as loss of brakes, shifting of gears, transmission or engine failure. These fluid levels can be checked during a regular inspection of your vehicle. Ask Paul for details!